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Current: $ 50
Target: $ 50
Due Date: 30/11/2014

The donations are used to pay for our servers. Please PM Tag with your website username and amount so I can add you to the Donation Listing web page.
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bullet McLovin
Nov 21 : 00:21
And the furthest Jackfrags and community have gotten in order to unlock the bow: Click Me
bullet McLovin
Nov 21 : 00:04
On a BF4 note, look at all the stuff people have put together to discover the secrets of the Phantom Program: Click Me
bullet NIN1385
Nov 20 : 23:40
The grunts, Killed the game forever.
bullet clocinnorcal
Nov 20 : 22:47
I would love to play Titan Fall if the game wouldn't be such a let down all the time. I love the concept and it runs really nice on my computer, but it's lacking in so many places.
bullet McLovin
Nov 19 : 18:13
Wow, prepare for Titan-price- fall. Base game is $20. Never seen a AAA title drop in price so quickly. Nobody must be playing it anymore.
bullet Farr1sabl3
Nov 19 : 16:41
Have to admit that was pretty cool
bullet AcidbasS
Nov 19 : 03:54
Ahahahah that's golden!!
bullet McLovin
Nov 18 : 21:07
But how else will you get these moments? Click Me
bullet Farr1sabl3
Nov 18 : 20:26
Okay, I'm seriously done with AC. It's the same thing over and over again. Chasing some corrupt leader who hurt the assassin years ago, only to be chased around mercifully. It's annoying.
bullet AcidbasS
Nov 18 : 20:21
Click Me
Trollin' on the river!

bullet clocinnorcal
Nov 18 : 19:26
Yeah, I think Frankie posted a few 60fps vids. They definitely give a better representation of video games.
bullet McLovin
Nov 18 : 14:17
They used to post the 60fps version on Battlelog, but they embedded that YouTube video instead, and it's not on 60fps even though that's fully supported by YT now.
bullet AcidbasS
Nov 17 : 21:06
Click Me
Now that's a trailer!
bullet McLovin
Nov 17 : 17:22
Define "recently". Unity is the latest one.
bullet Farr1sabl3
Nov 17 : 15:58
How many AC games have come out recently?
bullet McLovin
Nov 16 : 22:34
Col 100 would say "there's no honor in killing a man with a glitched gun" The one who will go nuts over it is the engineer.
bullet AcidbasS
Nov 16 : 16:13
Click Me
Introducing, 1.0x-4.0x variable zoom iron sight. Colonel 100 material.
bullet McLovin
Nov 15 : 13:43
Meanwhile, there are over 20 invitations still unanswered for members to join our BF4 platoon.
bullet McLovin
Nov 15 : 13:38
Need to update the member roster.
bullet a1rsupreme
Nov 15 : 11:45
Can any of you fellas invite me into the bf4 platoon? Been waiting a few weeks trying to find someone to invite me
bullet AcidbasS
Nov 15 : 05:48
Yup Latest Jacksfrags video
bullet McLovin
Nov 14 : 22:31
LOL Oh hey, did you guys know DICE went and added a bipod-equiped knife to BF4? It's aptly called the "C100"
bullet Tag
Nov 14 : 21:17
slick Acid, very slick! .. I gotta admit I laughed when I saw this amongst all the nice ones Click Me
bullet AcidbasS
Nov 14 : 18:04
Google+, [censored]
Click Me
bullet AcidbasS
Nov 12 : 04:36
Click Me

November 2014
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Legend Gaming Clan [Lg.C] was formed in October of 2007 as a COD2 clan. We evolved later into a COD4 MW clan. We also expanded into Battlefield Bad Company 2 and COD Black Ops throughout 2011. At the end of 2011, we have transitioned to Battlefield 3 with the projection of remaining active throughout 2013.

We strongly enforce a no foul-gaming policy and do not tolerate cheating / hacking in any way. Our goal for the clan, its members and recruits is to have fun, build friendships, be part of a community of gamers who want to be as competitive as possible in a respectful manner, and of course pwn other clans.

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Thursday 20 November 2014
The Crew: 101 Trailer

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Clueless Gamer: Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare

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Far Cry 4: Survive Kyrat

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